#DIY Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Last year I was nominated for an award at work which meant that I had to launch a two week campaign on a £50 budget to bribe my colleagues to vote for me. £50 might sound like a lot, but when it involves feeding and entertaining 80 people for 14 days, it gets a little tougher!

DIY Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Previously I’d come across this clever Stress Relief Bubble-Wrap design on Pinterest, and it instantly came to mind in my hour of need. Tweaking the design for my own purposes, I made a personalised bubble wrap ‘cover’ including a ‘Vote Shelley’ logo, and resourcefully stapled these to squares of bubble wrap stolen from work’s stationery cupboard.


To design all the graphics, I used a free downloadable design programme called InkScape, which lets you draw things to scale and view them at 100% – so the size you see on the screen is the size that will print out, but you can use any design software you’re most comfortable with, or even Word.

I found the font I wanted at DaFont.com and downloaded it for free – this one is called Give It Your Heart, and I’ve also used it in my blogger header. Once happy with the design, I then grouped it, and pasted it to fit four of the designs onto one A4 page. These were then printed onto matt photo card (thicker than paper), folded in half, and stapled to the bubble wrap squares.

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

These were handed out in the morning to offer stress relief throughout the day, and I also created super-size versions to give to Board Directors when they complained of extra stress. As well as being satisfying to make, I enjoyed hearing the sound of bubble-wrap being popped throughout the day.

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

The great thing about making your own Stress Relief Bubble Wrap template is that you really can make it your own – use colours that work for your purposes and change the text accordingly. I’m very tempted to set up an Etsy store selling customized versions of these =)

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