Inspiration: Clay Craft DIY Projects

Beware. I’ve gone and got myself a pack of DAS air dry clay. I’ve never crafted with clay before, so this could either go really well, or really, really badly. As with all of my craft projects, I wouldn’t dream of getting started without a scout around for inspiration, and boy did I find some!

Clay Craft Projects

Check out the tutorials here:

1. DIY Handmade ‘New Home’ Clay Pots, Say Yes | 2. DIY Clay Nursery MobileCreature Comforts | 3. DIY Clay Garden Marker, Wit & Whistle | 4. Imprinted Clay Bowls, Camille Styles

Not all of these projects use air dry clay – the plant pot for example is oven-baked clay, but all have easy to follow DIY how-to guides with plentiful pictures. Let me know if you give them a try!

I think they’d make great pressies, from ‘New Home’ plant pots, to Mother’s Day herb markers, to ‘New Baby’ nursery mobiles – you’re basically covered for any clay eventuality.

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