DIY ‘Grape Soda’ Pin Badge from Disney’s UP!

With just a week to go until Valentine’s day, I wanted to share this very cute DIY, inspired by the Disney Pixar movie, UP! Have you seen it? For those of who who haven’t, you must.

DIY Grape Soda Pin Badge from UP (12)

At the start of the film we meet Ellie and Carl, two young explorers, who become best friends over their shared love for adventure. In a short sequence, we see them grow up, fall in love, and grow old, experiencing a range of highs and lows by each other’s sides. Even as they reach old age (and illness), they still dream of one day reaching their dream destination together – Paradise Falls.


“So where does Grape Soda come into this?”, I hear you ask. At the start of the film, Ellie gives Carl a grape soda pin badge when they become explorer buddies. As she hands over the badge, Ellie says, “You and me, we’re in a club now” – a sign of the friendship they’ll have for years to come.

To make this DIY, you will need:

  • A bottlecap – either upcycle a used cap (you can spray paint them), or buy a new pack
  • Set of 1 inch epoxy stickers (I bought these from Beadaholique on Amazon), or Modge podge
  • Printer and plain paper (to print out your grape soda badge design)
  • Large safety pin
  • A small nail and hammer

DIY Grape Soda Pin Badge from UP (1)

How to make your pin badge:

What I love, possibly more than the movie itself, is the fact that, although Disney sell a ready-made grape soda badge, they also made this cute DIY tutorial video for fans to try at home:

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, start by making a small hole in your bottle cap using the nail and hammer. Make sure you hammer into a mat or piece of spare wood, and mind your fingers!

Once you’ve checked that your safety pin fits through the hole, make the other one about a third of the way round the cap (so that your pin can go through straight from one side to the other).

Disney actually have a badge design printable that you can download from their blog, or you can find a similar design online, as I did. You want your badge to print out at 1 inch in diameter.

I stuck mine on with double-sided sticky tape, but you can also use modge podge, and I then finished the cap with an epoxy sticker for added shine and protection. What do you think?

Providing they understand the film reference, this cute DIY is the perfect way to say “We’re in a club now” to your best friends or valentine. Package it up in a gift box, or attach it to a card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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